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Ecological Disturbances to Ecosystems Succession Stations Biology Review

Ecological Disturbances to Ecosystems Succession Stations Biology Review

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This is a great activity to explore or review ecological disturbances! Students should have background knowledge of the types of ecological disturbances that can occur before completing this activity. The activity uses 5 stations that can be set up around the classroom or completed on student devices in a 1:1 environment using a combination of news articles and videos online to examine the impacts of:

  1. natural disasters and succession
  2. population dynamics
  3. invasive species
  4. climate change
  5. pollution

Each station is designed to give students 10 minutes to explore and analyze the effect various ecological disturbances have on their respective ecosystems; these stations are relevant to ecological problems in the United States but these same issues can be applied elsewhere in the world. Can be a great introduction or review of human impacts and ecology concepts. Also, consider using this as a jigsaw activity!

Includes with your purchase is:

  • two PDF versions of the student handout (4 pages each)
  • PDF station signs with QR codes to access resource
  • Google Slides student version
  • 1-page teacher implementation notes
  • 4-page teacher key

Bonus: Each station has an extension activity in case students finish their station early or you have students that need to be challenged! The five page packet is available as a PDF and editable Google Document, teach answer key is also included!

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