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Chemistry Gas Laws Unit Bundle with PPT, guided notes, and practice problems

Chemistry Gas Laws Unit Bundle with PPT, guided notes, and practice problems

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The properties of gases and gas laws unit will practically teach itself! In this bundle are two of my best-selling products that will supplement your chemistry curriculum. My interactive and highly visual PPT presentation with information on the properties of gases and ALL the gas laws is included along with my massive gas law practice packet.

Topics covered in this unit are: characteristics and properties of gases, temperature and pressure conversions, kinetic molecule theory, Boyle's law, Charles' law, Gay-Lussac's law, Avogadro's law, Combined gas law, Ideal gas law, diffusion and effusion, and Graham's law.

Your purchase includes:

-Flattened (not editable) PPT file with teacher notes and animations

-PDF with fill-in-the-blank student notes and teacher answer key

-8-page PDF of gas law packet that includes a formula sheet and the following has laws:

✅Boyle's Law
✅Charles' Law
✅Graham's Law
✅Ideal Gas Law
✅Combined Gas Law
✅Mixed Gas Law Problems (2 pages!)
✅Pressure and Temperature Conversion

BONUS resources included in this packet include:
→ Helpful Hints cover page cheat sheet with STP, equivalent pressures, laws and equations, R values, and tips for solving gas laws problems
→ Avogadro's Law problems
→ Gay-Lussac's Law problems
→ Gases at STP Conversion problems

If you already purchased any of the product below, they are included in this bundle! But do not fret, if you've purchased ANY of the products below within the last year, please email me with your order number and date of purchase and I will credit you the difference!

 Charles' Law Problems with Answer Key Chemistry Gas Laws

 Chemistry Combined Gas Law Problems with Answer Key

 Chemistry Gas Laws Packet Massive Problem Set ANSWER KEY INCLUDED

 Graham's Law Practice Problems with Answer Key Chemistry Gas Laws

 Ideal Gas Law Worksheet and Answer Key Chemistry

 Mixed Gas Laws Problem Worksheet Chemistry

 Pressure, Temperature, Mole, Liters Gas Laws Conversion Worksheet with Key

 Properties of Gases and Gas Laws PowerPoint with Guided Notes NGSS Aligned

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