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Keystone Science

Ecology PowerPoint Guided Notes with KEY Biology Keystone Aligned

Ecology PowerPoint Guided Notes with KEY Biology Keystone Aligned

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Included in this post: PPT file with presentation notes, student fill-in-the-blank notes and teacher answer key in a single PDF file.

If you are looking for a COMPLETE PowerPoint and note packet that covers all Biology Keystone eligible content for ecology, this is it! The PowerPoint includes wonderful images and diagrams for your visual learners! Topics align to all eligible content from Unit 8 - Ecology of the Pennsylvania Biology Keystone Exam:

Describe the ecological levels of organization in the biosphere

  • Describe the levels of ecological organization (ie, organism, population, community, ecosystem, biome, biopshere)
  • Describe the characteristic biotic and abiotic components of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

Describe the interactions and relationships in an ecosystem

  • Describe how energy flows through an ecosystem (eg, food chains, food webs, energy pyramids)
  • Describe the biotic interactions in an ecosystem (eg, competition, predation, symbiosis)
  • Describe how matter recycles through an ecosystem (ie, water cycle, carbon cycle, oxygen cycle, and nitrogen cycle)
  • Describe how ecosystems change in response to natural and human disturbances (eg, climate changes, introduction of nonnative species, pollution, fires)
  • Describe the effects of limiting factors on population dynamics and potential species extinction

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