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Genetics Unit Punnett Squares Protein Synthesis Keystone Aligned Growing Bundle

Genetics Unit Punnett Squares Protein Synthesis Keystone Aligned Growing Bundle

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If you are looking for COMPLETE PowerPoints and guided student notes for topics in genetics, this is it! Topics covered in this bundle are Mendelian and Non-Mendelian Inheritance, and Protein Synthesis (transcription and translation). Resources included can be used for in-person or online learned!

Topics are aligned to Unit 6 - Genetics of the Pennsylvania Biology Keystone Exam:

Compare Mendelian and non-Mendelian patterns of inheritance

  • Describe and/or predict observed patterns of inheritance (ie, dominant, recessive, co-dominance, incomplete dominance, sex-linked, polygenic, and multiple alleles)
  • Describe processes that can alter composition or number of chromosomes (ie, crossing over, nondisjunction, duplication, translocation, deletion, insertion, inversion)

Explain the process of protein synthesis (ie, transcription, translation, and protein modification)

  • Describe how the processes of transcription and translation are similar in all organisms
  • Describe the role of ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, and the nucleus in the production of specific types of proteins

Explain how genetic information is expressed

  • Describe how genetic mutations alter the DNA sequence or may or may not affect phenotype (eg, silent, nonsense, frame-shift)

Apply scientific thinking, processes, tools, and technologies in the study of genetics

  • Explain how genetic engineering has impacted the fields of medicine, forensics, and agriculture (eg, selective breeding, gene splicing, cloning, genetically modified organisms, gene therapy)

The following files are included in this bundle:

✨ Punnett Squares PowerPoint, Guided Notes with KEY

✨ Protein Synthesis PowerPoint, Guided Notes with KEY

✨ Simple Punnett Square Practice Problems

✨ Genetic Code Tables

✨ Advanced Pea Plant Punnett Squares Dihybrid Problems

✨ Crash Course Heredity Guided Notes, Key, and HW Check

✨ Crash Course Protein Synthesis Guided Notes

✨ Biology Keystone Vocabulary by Unit

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