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Periodic Table Organization and Trends Activities Inquiry-Based & Differentiated

Periodic Table Organization and Trends Activities Inquiry-Based & Differentiated

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Teaching the structure and organization of the periodic table? Looking for student-centered inquiry activities to get students THINKING?! This bundle of periodic table activities is just what you need! When you purchase you will get a Google Drive Folder with PDFs of the following activities (descriptions of each activity is below):

  • Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt
  • "Make Your Own" Periodic Table Activity
  • Graphing Periodic Trends Inquiry
  • Element Names and Atomic Symbols Quizzes

Don't want to make the full commitment yet? Try out the Graphing Periodic Trends Differentiated Periodic Table Inquiry Activity available separately in my store! If you come back and purchase the bundle within a year I will credit you the cost of this resource!

Looking for a PowerPoint to accompany these activities? Check out my Periodic Table Organization and Trends PowerPoint with Guided Notes

Activity Overviews (check out the preview to SEE each activity before purchasing!)

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt

  • 20 questions for students to answer using the periodic table
  • Students practice reading and finding information on the Periodic Table
  • Available as a PDF file of self-checking Google Form (link in PDF)
  • Includes one page student worksheet and teacher answer key

"Make Your Own" Periodic Table Activity

  • Students practice identifying the groups/families of the Periodic Table, metals, nonmetals, and metalloids, and valence electrons
  • Available as a PDF file in 2 differentiated versions (blank Periodic Table and filled in Periodic Table)
  • Includes one page of students directions and teacher answer key

Graphing Periodic Trends Inquiry

  • Students explore number of valence electrons, electronegativity, atomic radius, and first ionization energy trends in the periodic table
  • Available as a PDF file with 4 differentiated graphs
  • Includes one page of student instructions, periodic table with trends data for each element, optional data table to record data before graphing, analysis questions, blank graph paper and optional differentiated graph papers with graphs set up at varying levels (open the preview to see the graphs that are included!). Teacher answer key for analysis questions and graphs are also included!

Element Names and Symbols Quizzes

  • Students practice identifying element names and their corresponding symbols
  • Five different quizzes includes covering: Elements 1-20, all Alkali metals, all Alkaline Earth Metals, all Halogens, all Noble Gases, and a selection of transition metals.
  • Each quiz comes in FOUR different versions, all four versions are on same page to save paper.
  • Teacher implementation guide is included.
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