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Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Store Tracking Sheet Product Analysis

Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Store Tracking Sheet Product Analysis

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Looking for an EASY, VISUAL, and FOOLPROOF way to track yout TpT Store, Products, and Social Media? LOOK NO FURTHER! This Google Sheet file has FOUR sheets set up to help you track store sales, earnings, views, conversions, expenses, peak product selling windows, top selling products, and top earning products. Each sheet is broken down below and in the preview! The magic in this file is in the formulas, sheet linking, and conditional formatting. I've worked for years to develop this file and use it personally for tracking my store's progress! It takes 15-20 minutes (varies based on products you are tracking) one day a MONTH to enter data and by the end of the year you have comprehensive data analysis for individual products in your store as well as overall store analysis. Directions for data entry and calculations are included on EACH sheet.

Yearly Overview
• Yearly Overview gives you monthly breakdown of store data (sales, earnings, views, units sold, conversions, etc.) and social media stats (followers, views, etc.)

• Expenses linked to Yearly Expenses sheet to auto populate expenses as they are entered.

• Graphs auto-generate as data is entered!

• Cumulative data and averages automatically calculate

Product Tracking
• Enter monthly data for products in your store. Automatically see selling trends and peak selling times for each product!

• YTD Units, YTD earnings and % of total units sold in peak months automatically calculate

• Conditional formatting is used to visually show top selling and lowest selling products

• Linked to Yearly Recap sheet to show top selling and top earning products

Yearly Expenses
• Manually enter expenses for your store

• Easily locate vendors or orders by hyperlinking to store, website, or contact information

• Sheet automatically calculates total expenses each month

• Linked to Yearly Overview; auto populates expenses each month

Yearly Recap
• Manually enter previous year data to calculate growth

• Current year auto populates from Yearly Overview sheet

• Shows percent change from previous year for gross and net earnings

• Pulls data from Product Tracking tab to show top 5 earners (monetary) and top 5 sellers (volume)

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